Thursday, January 28, 2010

Salvation Arrives...Maybe

The almost sage like Steve Jobs has returned with the greatest achievement in Apple history. Well kind of. No, not even kind of. More like why? The Apple tablet has finally arrived, disguised cleverly as a giant iTouch. What? Oh it is just a giant iTouch. Can it take video? No? Damn.
Photo taken in Steve Jobs Garage
Okay I know I'm just ripping on the iPad with no real interaction with it and just by responses from internet trolls. But honestly it really does just seem like a giant iTouch. I know I'm a complete hypocrite as well since I own an iPod, going to purchase an iPhone in the near future, and that I am typing this on a Macbook Pro, but still. Just...just look at the damn thing. The members of the church of Apple will no doubt go wait in line for this glamorized gamebody color to hit the shelves next to the Genius Bar.
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  1. I thought it was going to be their "tablet" computer with the writing pad feature and all the fun stuff, but if all it can do is what an i touch can do, then this is just an i touch that can't fit in your pants.