Friday, January 1, 2010

Live Long And Prosper In 2010

Happy New Year everyone! Hope your midnight celebrations were as enjoyable as mine. Figured I'd do a post that wasn't comic book related after that sensory overload of comic nerdom I posted before. And what better way to start off the new year than with...WETSUITS!

Not just any wetsuits. Wetsuits that were taken from a closet on the actual U.S.S. Enterprise. Okay not really.
That's right look stylish and nerdy when you're surfing (or boogie-boarding) in these Star Trek themed wetsuits made by Roddenberry. They come in yellow as well for any Kirk fans. They are rather expensive though running at about $470 a piece. Also if you surf out near shark infested waters I would stay away from buying the red one. Red shirts don't have the best of luck.

I saw these lovely novelty aquatic fashions while surfing nerd news and inserting an IV drip of black coffee into my veins. So here's a little sketch I whipped up at my breakfast table this morning.
This is the Nimoy Spock, not the dude from 'Heroes' Spock.
(Yes I know his name is Zachery Quinto.)
Stuffed Captain Kirk says: "Enjoy National Hangover Day!"

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