Monday, January 18, 2010

A Day That No One Thought Would Come

Many comic series have come and gone under the Marvel name. But there have always been a few mainstays, the Highlanders of the Marvel Universe if you will. Fantastic Four, Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men, The Avengers. But shockingly one of those behemoths won't be around to see The Gathering. Come April Marvel is slicing down the entire Avengers series with the force and brutality of a claymore. (okay that was the last Highlander reference I promise) And not just 'Avengers', but every title that has the word Avengers across the cover.
The final issues of each comic are going to consist of these issues.
Avengers: The Initiative #35
Dark Avengers #16
Mighty Avengers #36
New Avengers#64
The reason for this is to clear room for the 'Siege' comic series, which is supposed to be as epic as a blue whale surfing atop a tidal wave of lava. This way you won't have to follow all of the extended story lines that would break off into comics like Dark Avengers: Siege or New Avengers: Siege. It's just shocking to see Avengers go the way of the Dodo, well at least until 'Siege' ends and we see if evil comes out on top or good prevails. My prediction is that after all the dust has settled Marvel will return to a singular Avengers comic. In my opinion there can only be one...dammit.

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