Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Level Of Creepy That Will Never Be Surpassed

Alright, I know Michael Jackson changed the face of music and inspired millions, but the man was clearly from some freaky cotton candy dimension where the roads are made out of porcelain dolls and hugging is currency. Since his death there have been rumors and videos of his ghost haunting the halls of his former mansion. But if this portrait is any indication of his personal life the ghosts are more than likely the spirits of young children that are buried in the walls.
According to reports there are 75 more portraits similar to this one still in his mansion. The most jarring thing about this painting is that all of the blonde cherubs hold some sort of resemblance to Macaulay Culkin.

I am in the final stretch of my semester and my animation final is almost at its completion. Over the course of this week I plan to have spent about 72 hours within the confines of the animation studio, while taking a much need short break on saturday to show my good friends Mikey Mullen and Joe Glading around my work space, enjoy white russians, and possibly get Venture Bros. tattoos. So after this week expect a flurry of sketches and character designs from now until I return to Philadelphia in Mid-January.

Currrently Listening To: She's In Parties -- Bauhaus


  1. Thats is FRIGHTENING. Oh, by the way Adam, I have one of these too.