Saturday, December 19, 2009

Home For The Holidays

My return home to NJ was greeted with a fun night of sitting around a fire pit sipping on Christmas flavored beer and listening to Joe Glading explain the complexities of spirit wind. And this morning a solid 6 inches of snow was a lovely thing to wake up to. I was a little
perplexed when I saw that my bed sheets and pillow cases were replaced with this.

To get into the spirit of Christmas I also sketched out a quick drawing of old Saint Nick himself.
I'm hoping to ink and color it sometime in the near future.

And for your viewing pleasure...Joe Glading

Currently Listening To: Firecracker -- Steel Train


  1. Jaclyn is going to flip when she sees her sheets on your bed!

  2. nice sheets haha i love joe glading

  3. I love Joe and Mikey and you of course. And can't wait to hang out with you tonight!