Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The First Of Many

So the hours of intensive labor for both my hands and my mind are finally over. My final animation for the semester is complete, and I am able to return to sleeping in my own bed rather than on the bail of hay that is the couch of the lounge. No more living off of 99 cent Jolt sodas, which I have no doubt have definitely killed one of my kidneys, and no more re-drawing run cycles...for now. Below are some photos that express the overall feel of
the past weekend.

The combined work of two film majors and a sleep deprived animator.

This is what a broken spirit looks like.

Here is the finished product.
Just one of many, many, many more to come.

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  1. Bravo Adam! I just got done with my crit! Hoorah! Even though my work wasn't perfect and they said I need to work on organization and time management I did really well! Yay! Lets drink lots of eggnog tonight.

  2. Awesome job dude. The goblin part came out amazing. Was that a title that flashed in the beginning? If you want, I can show you some basic final cut over break.