Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cranberry Sauce Makes A Great Industrial Adhesive

I'm thankful for several things this year. My girlfriend, who without I'd be a miserable son of a bitch, Mythbusters marathons on Discovery channel, and awesomely crafted comic books. Every now and then I am surprised and excited by a comic that just makes me feel like a muffin basket of rainbows and puppies on the inside. The latest creation from writer Brian Azzarello (100
Bullets, Joker) and Phil Noto (Jonah Hex, Batgirl) brought out the little kid in me. Batman and Doc Savage combination is a dream come true for anyone who grew up on Hardy Boy books, Jonny Quest episodes, and batman comics like I did.
For anyone who doesn't know who Doc Savage is, he was the epitome of man and adventurer in comic books from decades ago. A man of genius intellect, nearly super-human physicality, and had the testicular fortitude of a lion. He is also the model for Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. from the brilliantly crafted show, Venture Bros. Which if you haven't been watching this season you have been missing out on a cartoon of such magnificent writing and production quality that Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer make Seth Macfarlane look like a retarded clown with a typewriter.

On the other side of the coin Ed Brubaker (Captain America, Daredevil) and Sean Phillips (Hellblazer, Judge Dredd) have returned with their latest installment of their amazing crime series 'Criminal'. The newest story actually re-introduces us to Tracy Lawless, a character from an earlier volume of the series. It is only at it's second issue, but is already as good as any of Brubakers previous Criminal work. The man is a whirlwind of creativity. After just coming off his juggernaut of a run on Daredevil and his other collaboration with Sean Phillips 'Incognito'. If you enjoy gritty realism, brutal violence, and expertly written crime noir pick up not just this volume, but whatever other 'Criminal' titles your wallet can permit.
I am still slaving away on my final project, which for those who have seen the story reel and character designs have called "epic" so expect some backgrounds and more scenes to be uploaded in coming days. Also I am finding some spare time in-between my work to sketch out some character designs for my show, so those will be making their way to the blog sooner rather than later hopefully. Hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving, and have a wonderful day downing white meat and libations.

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