Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thanks For The Extra Sales

Fox News has declared that the soon to be released game 'Bulletstorm' by EA and Epic Games is "The worst game ever".
Making it instantly cooler and going to jack up the sales of the game. FOX News is disgusted with the idea that when you shoot someone in the balls and then shoot a grenade infused rope of barbed wire around that person's neck and he explodes taking out multiple targets, you get a bonus labeled GANG BANG...sorry I just blacked out from awesome.
Any game where a character says "last train out of explosion town." is a buy in my book. FOX News also forgets that their average reader is 65 years old. So yeah, this kind of video game would probably melt their brains, but last time I checked septuagenarians aren't playing alot of Black Ops either.
'Bulletstorm' will be on shelves Feburary 22nd, probably oozing blood from its case.

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